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Join comedians Elizabeth Gomez and Adrienne Gunn as they revisit books and films from the 80s and 90s, and talk about how growing up with fictional best friends really fucks up your ideas about how to be a person.

Brought to you by Elizabeth Gomez & Adrienne Gunn of Wokefield!

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    What better way to start season two than with the original mean girls, HEATHERS? We’re talking all about toxic friendship, addictive love, 80s fashion, high school power structures, and a simpler time when school shootings were satirical.  CW: suicide, school shooting, fat shaming Listen on ...


  2. Wokefield Season 2 Trailer!

    Get ready for Season 2 of Wokefield! Comedians Elizabeth Gomez and Adrienne Gunn re-watch some of the most influential but also cringiest movies from the 80s and 90s and talk about how they completely fucked up our ideas of what it means to be a woman in America! ...


  3. Episode 13: BONUS EPISODE: Help! I Married a Monster! - Sweet Valley High

    The Wakefield twins have arrived in London for their summer internships and next thing you know there’s a murder and <whoops!> Jessica’s DATING A WEREWOLF. It made us think about our own relationships and for this very special bonus episode, we’ve got no guests at all, just the two of ...


  4. Episode 12: Winston Egbert is Dead and More Sweet Valley Epilogues - Sweet Valley High

    It’s ten years into the future and that scheming (but irresistible) trollop Jessica Wakefield has stolen her sister Elizabeth’s fiance (and sentient basketball jersey) Todd Wilkins and is about to marry him herself! Elizabeth’s fled to New York to nurse her broken heart and plot her revenge. Sounds pretty good, ...


  5. Episode 11: Sex! Sex! Sex! - Sweet Valley High

     We’re finally leaving high school behind and joining the Wakefield twins at Sweet Valley University! Join us for a front row seat to Jessica’s deflowering and Elizabeth’s relentless struggle with the freshman fifteen. We’re telling tales of losing our own virginities--key word: WATERBEDS--and welcome the fabulously sex-positive Anita Mechler, archivist, ...