Episode 10

January 13, 2021


Episode 10: Somebody Get this Girl an SSRI!

Episode 10: Somebody Get this Girl an SSRI!
Episode 10: Somebody Get this Girl an SSRI!

Show Notes

Get right on outta here with those All-American good looks and shiny red Fiat, Wakefield twins! It’s time for some good old TEEN ANGST. This week we welcome to the SVH universe the patron saint of teenage depression, songstress Lynne Henry. Girl, we love your bad hair, baggy clothes, and nary a will to live! Join us as we welcome writer Taylor Maughon and revisit our own teenage depression, current battles with self-esteem, and discuss the creative process and a question that’s been bugging us for years—are all artists narcissistic assholes?

Wokefield is written and hosted by Elizabeth Gomez and Adrienne Gunn. Produced and engineered by J.W. Basilo for Shame The Devil Media. Copyright 2021.

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