Episode 5

December 02, 2020


Episode 5: Sex on the Beach (Sort of) - Sweet Valley High

Episode 5: Sex on the Beach (Sort of) - Sweet Valley High
Episode 5: Sex on the Beach (Sort of) - Sweet Valley High

Show Notes

Jessica’s dating an older man. How do we know he’s older? HE HAS A MUSTACHE. On this episode we welcome Alissa Rowinsky Wright, SVH super fan and mother of twins, to help us figure out--are all twins this codependent? Because after Jessica stays out < all! night! long! > Elizabeth is a wreck, running around taking tests for her sister and being a maniac until even Todd has had enough. 

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 We’re finally leaving high school behind and joining the Wakefield twins at Sweet Valley University! Join us for a front row seat to Jessica’s deflowering and Elizabeth’s relentless struggle with the freshman fifteen. We’re telling tales of losing our own virginities--key word: WATERBEDS--and welcome the fabulously sex-positive Anita Mechler, archivist, entrepreneur, painter, and retired roller derby baby, to talk about the feminist sex seminars she attended before popping her cherry.  Written and hosted by Elizabeth Gomez & Adrienne Gunn. Produced and Engineered by JW Basilo for Shame The Devil Media. Copyright 2021. All rights reserved. ...



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Take a deep breath and hold it because it’s time for Waiting to Exhale! This movie has the best of everything the 90s had to offer: Whitney Houston! Angela Bassett! Oversized suits! A soundtrack by Babyface! It’s all about Black female friendship and what women talk about when they talk about love. To helps up unpack the fuckbois, this week we’ve got Karen Hawkins (@chiefrebelle), Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Chicago Reader, founder and head rebelle at Rebellious Magazine, and podcaster at Of Course I’m Not OK and Feminist Erotica.  CW: drug use, abortion ...