Episode 8

March 02, 2022




Show Notes

Nobody puts Dirty Dancing in the corner. OR DO THEY? This week we have THE TIME OF OUR LIVES discussing everything Baby and Johnny with transgender actress and activist Delia Kropp, but don’t worry, it’s unanimous, Dirty Dancing totally rules. Our kingdom for a summer gyrating around with Patrick Swayze! Join us as we break down the surprisingly woke depiction of class and privilege, white lady activism, abortion, and, le sigh, FIRST LOVE. 

CW: abortion, gyrating teens

Other Episodes

Episode 8

December 30, 2020

Episode 8: There’s a Ho in this House - Sweet Valley High

In Sweet Valley, cheerleading is a matter of life and death. New girl in town Annie Whitman dreams of joining the squad but--oops!--this fifteen-year-old has a reputation and our favorite sociopath Jessica Wakefield says NO SLUTS ALLOWED. Jessica will do whatever it takes to keep Annie off the squad, even if it drives Francine Pascal to her most irresponsible plot twist of all time. This week we welcome storyteller and Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame inductee Kim Hunt to help us figure out, just how slutty do you have to be to be called a slut? What’s slut shaming like in lesbian culture? Are all single moms drunk losers? And are you even allowed to be a cheerleader if you come from a broken home?Written and hosted by Elizabeth Gomez & Adrienne Gunn. Produced and engineered by J.W. Basilo for Shame The Devil Media. Copyright 2020. All rights reserved. ...



Episode 2

October 28, 2020

Episode 2 - Secrets Secrets Hurt Someone - Sweet Valley High

Enid’s got a secret and ohhhhh gurl, it’s a doozy! In this episode we welcome Chicago comedy legend and TWIN (!!!) Maya Haughton to help us figure out 1) are all twins this terrible and 2) why is gossip just the best? #Wokefield #SweetValleyHigh #ShameTheDevil Wokefield is produced and engineered by J.W. Basilo. Production copyright 2020, Shame The Devil Media.  ...



Episode 11

January 20, 2021

Episode 11: Sex! Sex! Sex! - Sweet Valley High

 We’re finally leaving high school behind and joining the Wakefield twins at Sweet Valley University! Join us for a front row seat to Jessica’s deflowering and Elizabeth’s relentless struggle with the freshman fifteen. We’re telling tales of losing our own virginities--key word: WATERBEDS--and welcome the fabulously sex-positive Anita Mechler, archivist, entrepreneur, painter, and retired roller derby baby, to talk about the feminist sex seminars she attended before popping her cherry.  Written and hosted by Elizabeth Gomez & Adrienne Gunn. Produced and Engineered by JW Basilo for Shame The Devil Media. Copyright 2021. All rights reserved. ...