Episode 8

March 02, 2022




Show Notes

Nobody puts Dirty Dancing in the corner. OR DO THEY? This week we have THE TIME OF OUR LIVES discussing everything Baby and Johnny with transgender actress and activist Delia Kropp, but don’t worry, it’s unanimous, Dirty Dancing totally rules. Our kingdom for a summer gyrating around with Patrick Swayze! Join us as we break down the surprisingly woke depiction of class and privilege, white lady activism, abortion, and, le sigh, FIRST LOVE. 

CW: abortion, gyrating teens

Other Episodes

Episode 7

December 16, 2020

Episode 7: Gemini Twins - Sweet Valley High

You guys, Jessica finally gets a personality and its BROWN HAIR. And of course the pitch perfect 80s dream of becoming a model at the mall. Because representation is important, this week we welcome poet, sk8erboi, and straight white guy Tim Stafford to the pod to talk about influencer culture, branding yourself, frenemies, and basically how Sweet Valley is no Lyons, IL. And then for the first time, Wokefield’s resident astrologer Zane Biebelle breaks down how the sun, the moon, and the stars have influenced the Wakefield twins—of course those hoes be Geminis!—and how our own birth weeks determine whether or not we could be friends with them. Wokefield is written & hosted by Elizabeth Gomez & Adrienne Gunn. Produced and engineered by J.W. Basilo for Shame The Devil Media. ...



Episode 5

December 02, 2020

Episode 5: Sex on the Beach (Sort of) - Sweet Valley High

Jessica’s dating an older man. How do we know he’s older? HE HAS A MUSTACHE. On this episode we welcome Alissa Rowinsky Wright, SVH super fan and mother of twins, to help us figure out--are all twins this codependent? Because after Jessica stays out < all! night! long! > Elizabeth is a wreck, running around taking tests for her sister and being a maniac until even Todd has had enough.  ...



Episode 12

January 27, 2021

Episode 12: Winston Egbert is Dead and More Sweet Valley Epilogues - Sweet Valley High

It’s ten years into the future and that scheming (but irresistible) trollop Jessica Wakefield has stolen her sister Elizabeth’s fiance (and sentient basketball jersey) Todd Wilkins and is about to marry him herself! Elizabeth’s fled to New York to nurse her broken heart and plot her revenge. Sounds pretty good, right? HAHAHAHAA WRONG. Unfortunately good ol’ Francine Pascal showed up to write the final word on Sweet Valley herself and let’s just say . This week we welcome bestselling author and ghostwriter Rachel Bertsche to the pod to talk about the art of ghostwriting and the legacy of Sweet Valley. And do not even think about missing the LAVALIER AWARDS where we’ll nominate the worst sentences Francine has ever written and crown a winner.Wokefield is written and hosted by Elizabeth Gomez and Adrienne Gunn. Produced and engineered by J.W. Basilo for Shame The Devil Media. ...