January 06, 2022


Wokefield Season 2 Trailer!

Wokefield Season 2 Trailer!
Wokefield Season 2 Trailer!

Show Notes

Get ready for Season 2 of Wokefield! Comedians Elizabeth Gomez and Adrienne Gunn re-watch some of the most influential but also cringiest movies from the 80s and 90s and talk about how they completely fucked up our ideas of what it means to be a woman in America!

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Episode 5

February 09, 2022


Dead Poets Society, a teen drama about conformity versus creativity and the poems of many, many, many, many, many, many long-dead white guys. For a movie this white and this male, we knew we’d need to bring in an expert mansplainer to make sure we understood it all, so today we welcome James Beard Award winner and Chicago Reader food critic, Mike Sula, to talk about the creative life, inspiration, and most importantly, the feelings of white men. Apparently, they have them! CW: suicide Listen on Amazon Prime / Audible Listen on Youtube   ...



Episode 9

January 06, 2021

Episode 9: This is Your Brain On Drugs - Sweet Valley High

It’s finally here!! The most formative book of Adrienne’s youth, the one where disabled hero Regina Morrow gets dumped by Bruce Patman, does one line of cocaine, and falls over and dies! This week we welcome to the pod comedian, actor, writer, teacher, and Chicago legend Kelsie Huff to discuss why she thinks these books are “hot garbage” and what we did or did not put up our noses in high school. We’ve got some alcoholic parents and some alcoholic tendencies, so buckle up, there’s a lot to unpack. Wokefield is written and hosted by Elizabeth Gomez & Adrienne Gunn. Produced and engineered by J.W. Basilo for Shame The Devil Media.  ...



Episode 3

January 26, 2022


How did the patron saint of the 80s teen flick John Hughes get away with being so, well, rapey? Yes, that’s right folks, it’s time for SIXTEEN CANDLES, a movie about the horrors of high school: stolen underpants, foreign exchange students, sixteenth birthdays, and date rape. This week we welcome Wokefield’s resident lesbian Taylor Maughon to talk compulsory heterosexuality, sexual harrassment, and dreaming of that perfect guy. CW: date rape, racism, sexual harrassment Listen on Amazon Prime / Audible Listen on Youtube ...